Employee Onboarding Management

Integrate each employee’s record from job application to hiring

Employee Information Management

Detailed records of employees’ names, telephone numbers, addresses, ID card numbers, bank accounts, emergency contacts and other personal information, as well as time of onboarding, department and position, can be used to search for employee records.


Attachment Features

It allows you to scan all the important documents about your employees into the employee files. Documents such as resumes, certificates, ID cards, etc. can also be accessed in the system. No more storing a lot of paper photocopies!

Have You Been Bothered by these matters?


Looking for an employee’s personal record in a sea of “paper”?

Contact information

Suddenly something unexpected happens and you can’t find the phone number to contact the employee’s family?

documents with employee benefits arrangement

Forgotten your employee benefits arrangement?

Find out how we can help you handle your HR pains now!
Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of all the manual paper processes that you have to go through every day? You can do just that by fully embracing our HR System.