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Streamline your HR processes, maximize work efficiency and productivity for sustainable business success with today’s innovative Cradle HR System. All the tools you need are right at hand!

How does the Cradle HR system work?

You Need the Best HR System

Don’t you want to work smarter, not harder? Today’s HR managers all look to streamline HR processes and maximize for sustainable business success. What are your priorities in the process of running a successful company? All that matters is the Cradle HR System – it’s simple-to-use and will get things done with ease!



Fundamental reduction in administration time.

Improve Efficiency​

Easy preview of labor distribution, availability and options.

Increase Flexibility

Flexible shift management can be done and fully integrated with attendance management.

System stability

After years of development and use, the Cradle HR system is stable

Easy to use

Cradle HR system, simple and easy to use interface

Easy to manage

Management has quick access to employee status through the Cradle HR Dashboard


Compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Minimize Salary Errors

We offer a range of options that will streamline everything from attendance management to salary calculations so you can achieve maximum efficiency while lowering the risk for costly mistakes in handling salary, taxes, benefits packages, etc.


Flexible roll allocation for different sites.

Main features

Main features 1

Attendance Management

Attendance Management – Eliminating the need for manual transcription of employee’s daily attendance records and salary calculation, Cradle HR system can automatically extract the attendance records from the e-Punch system and calculate salary based on the attendance data. The “e-Punch System” includes:

Main features 2

Scheduling Management

With a fully digital scheduling, you no longer need to spend a lot of time filling out shift sheets in Excel (spreadsheet) and can easily handle the complicated shift management.

Main features 3

Vacation Management

Vacation Management – To ensure that the company is fully staffed by effectively managing all employee vacations.


Why choose us?


Extensive Experience

We have worked with a variety of clients from different industries in the past and understand their struggles. Each industry has unique pain points, so we take those into consideration when working on solutions to make things easier for our customers.


Our Development Team

The Cradle HR system respond to market demand by introducing products that meet the needs of their customers. They have come up with things such as human face recognition timeclock system, smartphone timesheet apps and much more. Customers can also customize features according to specific requirements if needed


365 Support

We’re available 365 days a year to answer any questions you have about Cradle HR system or to address any issues with your system. Second, our team provides proactive support, continually offering suggestions for improvement. Cradle’s support team can be reached at any time through chat, email or phone to provide help for our clients.

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