Salary Management

Cradle HR payroll system greatly reduces the HR department’s workload in payroll calculations and enables rapid completion of calculations

Cradle HR Salary Management System

Do you often encounter these problems before payroll processing?


Do you have too many items to include in your salary and need a lot of time to collect data?

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Do you still need to spend a lot of time calculating wages even though you are using a computer system?


Every time calculate  payroll at the end of the month, there is always a calculation error?


Cradle HR Salary Management System

What is the busiest time of the month for the HR department?

Certainly the first 7 days of the month (according to the Employment Ordinance: the employer should pay the wages due to the employee as soon as practicable and no later than 7 days after the expiry of the wage period).

Calculation of wages

At the beginning of each month, the HR department is not only busy calculating the basic salary of employees, but also has to calculate the deduction of my salary due to late arrival and early departure, the adjustment of salary due to leave issues, and various allowances, etc...

Wage recalculation

It is the HR department's nightmare if the calculation reveals any omissions or data errors that need to be adjusted and recalculated.

Cradle HR Salary Management System

4 benefits
of a payroll system for you to understand

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Attendance Information

Calculate payroll based on attendance data to reduce omissions or data errors


Wage subsidies or deductions

Calculation of wage adjustments derived from tardiness, early departure, holidays, etc., as well as the calculation of different allowances


Wage calculation

Quickly completes payroll calculations and does not waste too much time if you need to recalculate if you find any information missing after the calculation


Data Export

Remittance of monthly payroll data as needed for automatic wage transfer from the bank

Cradle HR Salary Calculation

Salary Template


Once the attendance data is prepared, the payroll module can be used to quickly calculate the salary figures for each employee.


Instantly make post-calculation changes and remit files for automatic payroll transfers.


Employee termination salary

Calculation of bonuses, allowances and fines

Amount of employer/ employee MPF mandatory contributions

Additional Time Salary

Leave Payroll Compensation and Deductions

Calculation of attendance bonus

Employee payroll data remittance to "EZPay

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