Vacation Management

Cradle HR system makes it easy for companies to handle employees’ leave arrangements

Cradle HR Vacation Management System

Easy Handling of Staff Vacation managements


The Cradle HR system can list the remaining days of each employee’s leave, leave records, and add or subtract salary changes due to leave when calculating salary.

In addition, there is an online self-service leave application platform to facilitate employees to apply for leave and reduce the inconvenience caused by filling out forms, and the leave approval process makes the leave application to approval more efficient and accurate.


Vacation Management

“Cradle HR Vacation Management system”can simplify the workload that was originally brought to the HR department every month.

The number of remaining days of staff holidays is shown

Employee Leave Record

Employee leave salary deduction calculation

Tablet application to manage store employees' leave

Online self-service leave application platform and leave approval process

Cradle HR Vacation Management

Pain Points

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Have you ever calculate the wrong amount of vacation days?

Vacation Management - 2 01

Did your employees often ask about the number of days left on vacation?

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Has the staff leave application been approved?

Vacation Management - 4 Artboard 1

Are there different methods of period calculation for different departments and different positions?

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