Attendance Mobile App

Facilitate the company to monitor the attendance status of outsourced employees immediately

Why should you choose our app?

How do you know if your outsourced workers are starting and finishing work on time? How to efficiently notify outsourced workers of future shifts?

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Receive change period

Outsourced employees can receive scheduled shifts from the company, with Google Maps showing the workplace and providing the best route to get there

Tracking Attendance

Provide the function of clocking in and out, with the global positioning system in the phone, the company can track whether the employees clock in or out at the workplace; if the employees are late for work, the program will immediately communicate with the company to take follow-up actions

Company Information Broadcast

The company may disseminate information to all or individual groups of outsourced employees, and the application will record whether the employee has reviewed the information

Report a special event

When an employee finds an unexpected incident, he/she can report it to the company immediately by attaching photos, videos and audio recordings through the "Individual Incident Report" function in the application, so that the company can take appropriate actions.

Easy punch in

Attendance Punch In

Employees can sign in and out of work through the "Start Attendance" and "End Attendance" buttons in the "Employee Mobile Attendance App".


Global Positioning

The system will instantly send the hitting time to the company server along with the global positioning location.


Automatic overtime notification

When an employee is late for work, the system will notify the company immediately so that the company can take follow-up action.

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