Tablet App for Store Manager

It allows store managers to handle the HR related daily work of the store through tablet computers, reducing the workload of HR colleagues.

New Hires Application

Staff application include information (Chinese and English name, ID number, date of birth, gender, contact address and phone number, position applied for, salary required, Education, work experience, emergency contact name, address and phone number.


Also, It can automatically generate employee numbers and synchronise employee information to the HR system, employee number sync with backend HR system and Face Recognition machine


Cradle HR is a tablet application for store managers, which enables store managers to input new hires, outgoing employees’ salary and compiled employee change forms via tablet PC, and send them to Cradle HR personnel management system in the head office immediately, thus reducing the workload of HR department colleagues.

Proprietary App to help you

Allows store managers to handle the daily work of the store through the tablet PC while sending data back to the head office system.

Employee leave management

Reason for the employee's departure and the last day of work, include Departure employee's return items list,exit Staff and Manager Signing

Payroll Record Statement

Employee monthly salary records


Payroll records printing

Print employee pay slips


Duty Record Form

Employee's shift schedule, actual clock-in and out time, late arrival and early departure time, and vacation information

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