Cradle Face Recognition System

By utilizing (AI) technology, Cradle face recognition system can recognize your staff’s faces extremely well, regardless of how many people you have.

Cradle HR Face Recognition System

The benefits to use Face Recognition System

Cradle face recognition system can recognize your staff’s faces extremely well, regardless of how many people you have. Even when employees are wearing a face mask, the identification can be accurate.

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The arrival and departure times are recorded automatically when employees punch in and out using the system.

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Management has the ability to accurately keep track of how many hours each employee has worked.

Face Recognition System

The face recognition system can help to improve security by identifying unauthorized individuals who enter the premises.

Cradle HR Employee Portal

Full Integration

The Cradle HR system is also equipped with a function that allows you to take attendance easily. Simply by taking a picture of the employee’s face, the system will automatically identify the person and mark them as a present. This function is extremely useful for companies where it can be difficult to keep track of who is present and who is absent.

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Cradle HR Face Recognition System

Face Recognition System

The Cradle face recognition system provides a wide range of benefits that can help improve your organization’s efficiency and security. If you are looking for a reliable and accurate face recognition system, Cradle is your perfect solution.

Cradle HR Face Recognition System

Fingerprint Identification Punch Card Machines


Fingerprint recognition is usually very fast and saves time as identities can be verified in a flash.

Cost Effective:

No special hardware (such as infrared cameras) is required, making fingerprint recognition relatively inexpensive.


Fingerprint recognition does not require the storage of real facial images, so there are fewer privacy concerns.

Cradle HR Face Recognition System

Face Recognition Punch Card Machine


Face Recognition does not require contact with hardware and is therefore very hygienic.

High usability:

Face recognition is usually easy to use and requires no special training.

Fast Recognition:

Face recognition is usually completed within seconds, no waiting time is required and time is saved.

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