Attendance Management

Cradle HR attendance management system can make the whole attendance input process easy and convenient.

Record Details

HR is a necessary evil in any company. It’s not just about finding the right people but also managing them well enough so that you don’t end up with too many employees for your department or have trouble staffing it at all! A typical hiring manager might spend hours pouring over spreadsheets filled with information such as age groupings, education levels etc., before finally categorising each candidate according his/her preferences–only then does he get matched

The Cradle HR system has been designed to simplify this process and reduce input errors.

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Cradle HR Attendance Management System

Why choose Cradle?

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The Cradle Attendance Management System allows you to keep track of where and when your employees are working, whether they are at their designated workplace or assigned to a different location.

Cradle HR Attendance Management System

Face Recognition, Fingerprint Attendance System

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The Cradle HR Attendance System, which can identify the attendance machine by face and fingerprints, and record detailed information of employees on and off duty, which is also synchronized with Cradle HR system:

Cradle HR Attendance Management System

Mobile Attendance App

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The mobile app for capturing attendance details (sign-in/sign-out, photo and GPS) is available on Google Play Store or Apple App store. Attendance can be easily tracked using this tool which leaves no room for errors in the system!

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