MPF Management System

The MPF management system is established in accordance with Hong Kong legislation

Cradle HR MPF management system

Mandatory Provident Fund Management System


Under Hong Kong law, with the exception of some exempt persons, employers are required to enroll their employees in a Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”) scheme in which the employer and employee each contribute 5% of the employee’s income (capped at $1,500 as amended in June 2014) as mandatory contributions; although it is not difficult to calculate the amount of contributions, the employee’s first contribution date can be a problem for the HR Department as the employee is entitled to a contribution holiday.


Automatic calculation of MPF contributions


Calculate the employee's first MPF contribution date based on the employee's date of entry


Calculate the monthly MPF contribution amount for employers and employees

MPF Management System - 29484 Converted 06

Employer and Employee MPF Contribution Statements


Calculate employee's first MPF contribution amount

MPF Management System - 29484 Converted 05

The monthly MPF contribution amount is automatically deducted from the employee's income and shown in the payslip

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